Balm Barr Stretch Mark

Balm Barr

Stretch Mark

Cocoa Butter Massage Cream

Softens taut, tight skin. Use during and after pregnancy to keep skin supple. Use while dieting to restore skin’s firmness. Clinical testing proves that massaging daily keeps the skin soft and more pliable.


Balm Barr Moisturizing Cream

Balm Barr

Moisturizing Cream


Lanolin, mineral oil and other emollients give this a light feel that’s never greasy. Use daily to soften and soothe tight, dry, chapped skin. Great for sunburn relief.


Balm Barr Cocoa Butter Formula

Balm Barr

Cocoa Butter Formula

hand and body cream

A rich moisturizer with a concentration of cocoa butter, shea butter and Vitamin E that helps even the driest skin stay soft and supple. Helps prevent flakiness and chapping.