Protein 29


Protein 29 Hair Spray

Protein 29

Hair Spray

Extra Hold

Can be used daily.


Protein 29 Styling Gel

Protein 29

Styling Gel

new item!

Thanks to organic proteins, you get all-day hold without the sticky feel. Protein 29 gives you maximum control during and after styling but never flakes. Easy to comb out, leaving hair with a soft and natural feel. Reactivates with a damp comb.


Protein 29 Hair Tonic

Protein 29

Conditioning Hair Groom

hair tonic

This protein-rich formula is non-greasy, so your hair easy to style and keep in place. Shampooing, blow-drying and exposure to the sun can rob your hair of nutrients. Protein 29 Conditioning Hair Groom restores body to your hair.


Protein 29 Clear Gel Hair Groom

Protein 29

Conditioning Hair Groom

clear gel

A daily protein-rich grooming gel to keep your hair beautiful and in place with no sticky feel. Use only a small amount for all day hold and control.